What the heck is a Wiki? That’s what I asked myself when I started this assignment. (Yes, I’ve heard of Wikipedia, I just never realized from what the name.) So, a Wiki is a website or online forum that allows the participants to edit information and work collaboratively to provide content. Wikipedia is probably one of the more well-known examples of such sites.

A great things about Wikis is how they can be used in the classroom! Students can work in groups on their projects with only a computer and an internet connection. While it’s still ideal for kids to get together in person and collaborate in order to address the social/emotional aspects of groups work, there are times when scheduling conflicts or logistics make it difficult for kids to meet outside of school. With wikis they can all work on the same document(s) and build their project materials without necessarily meeting in person.

An additional aspect of Wiki use for the teacher to provide info and clarification with students on topics. There can be a discussion feed or even a feed to post resources and related items. It provides an avenue for kids that may be absent to catch up or be a part of what has gone on for the day class was missed.

All in all there are a variety of uses for Wikis and I’m only beginning to understand the very basics of their power.


One thought on “Wikis

  1. The nice thing about Wikis is that they have been around for a while now and there are lots of great sites with examples and instruction, as well as classroom teachers who have used it, so Wikis are not very intimidating to use! Nice thoughts here- thanks for sharing. To make this post even better, I would recommend adding a hyperlink to a Wiki or two to allow your reader to travel to a specific example.


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