Multimedia Creation

In thinking about how my future students could use multimedia creation in the classroom, I’m astounded at the vast quantity of possibilities, particularly in comparison with my rather tame access to technology as a 1994 graduate from high school compared to today’s graduates. What a rich variety of ways they have to access, process, learn, as well as create and distribute information!

I can envision having a classroom blog or website so my students can access information or assignments outside of school. I can envision utilizing google docs (or something of the like) to encourage collaboration and feedback. There are also the myriad of websites that do everything from teaching concepts to grading to assessing. I can see a site like IXL being used to assess students in math or provide an avenue for homework or if there’s a student that wants to work ahead or even that needs extra practice.

I foresee loving the variety that’s available in technology! I can use videos, podcasts, instant feedback with clickers, story publishing with animations, and more! I’ve quite the learning curve ahead of me, but being in the teaching profession and wanting my students to love learning, how can I not be excited at the prospect of learning new things right along with them?


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