My Lesson Plan Adventure

In a word: difficult. That was my experience with working on my lesson plan. That’s not necessarily a bad thing because it definitely makes me think! Labeling it as an adventure helps to change the perspective from frustration to that of anticipation in something new being achieved.

I’d had virtually no instruction outside of this class with respect to how to write a lesson plan or how to go about the process in general. I felt completely lost and overwhelmed in the beginning, and never really felt as though I had a solid handle on what I was doing. I referred to the ISTE standards often and wrestled with how completely or appropriately I was addressing them. UGH! I wondered if it was normal for teachers to feel as though they’re reaching for alignment with standards, even if it felt a stretch. It was as if even if I felt it would be fun and engaging, if I couldn’t line it up with a specific standard, it was hard to justify it. That being said, I knew that the engagement of students has its own merit, even if it may not be able to be specifically explained in the context of meeting standards.

It was also a little mind numbing to ascertain an avenue I wanted to pursue within my content area standards. Holy Moses!  Combine that with considering the ISTE standards and it was a bit of the proverbial cart & horse situation, but which was the cart and which was the horse? Pretty funny, really. I’ve a new-found appreciation for my K-12 teachers!!

I did like the opportunity to think about integrating technology in the classroom! What an astounding (even if a little overwhelming) plethora of resources. I did find myself thinking about the resources that may or may not be available to me as a teacher. With any luck at all, I’ll end up teaching at this school, which highly values funding use of technologies in the classroom! Along those lines, I also considered what access to resources my future students might have. Sites such as this confirm that there are still a significant number of students, particularly poor or minorities, that don’t have internet access at home. As a teacher, I’ll certainly have to keep that in mind when using digital/technological avenues of homework or collaboration outside of class.

All in all, despite being difficult in its execution, I found the assignment enlightening in divulging just how much more I need to learn in order to plan for teaching my own future students!!!



One thought on “My Lesson Plan Adventure

  1. You’ve really cranked out a lot of recent writing on your blog, Alison. I would encourage you to continue this process of reflective writing even after ED270 wraps up. While your postings came too late in the term for serious formative assessment (which shapes and guides your work, rather than evaluates it), I appreciate your work ethic to get caught up so quickly. This ethic will carry you far in education and is a disposition found in most effective teachers. Thanks for all of your participation and for your honesty in the class this term. I wish you well!


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