Teaching About Sexting & Relationships

Ms. Penland addresses the sensitive topic of sexting in relationships by a variety of avenues. There is discussion about the topic, including relevant vocabulary, a video presentation, and use of iPads by each student for displaying their views and questions. They also use the iPads for taking notes and writing about their interpretations of the vocabulary words. It is helpful and essential for students to put the vocabulary into their own words because it makes them relatable and more likely that the student will remember and be able to critically apply the information.

The iPads impact the participation for this subject by being a safe avenue for kids to write down views/questions. It provides an opportunity for kids to see other perceptions that they may not have thought of or didn’t want to ask out loud. That being said, I can see how displaying the iPad for discussion might lend to more sensitive or explicit questions not being asked for fear of being judged by their classmates. All in all, definitely a good example of being specific and deliberate in approaching this important subject matter for the students!


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