Some Blogs I Recommend

If you want a break from focusing on serious issues, take a look at this blog. It’s “stories from a teacher who loves her students, wrestles with her job, and mourns the fact that they used to be the same thing.” While that may sound a bit depressing, the blog is actually anecdotal and quite fun! There are stories about shenanigans in the classroom and reflections on humor that are refreshing.

A more serious blog is here. It reviews issues and discusses topics related to technology integration and the disparities in technology applications between economic groups. It also reviews new stuff and gives tips on some oldies but goodies. I chose this one because I need all the help I can get when it comes to technology integration!

Last but not least, go this spot for a wealth of teaching tools! This site has lots of videos and pics for examples of info. There is a vast quantity of topics covered including strategies & ideas, student activities, books & authors, and more!


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